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"This hot sauce is amazing & I'm going to need to order more of The Horn goodness".

- Andy Park


"This sauce is good as hell, can't wait to try more tonight"

- Krash


"I had the horn hot sauce on my hamburger & it made the whole hamburger experience new & interesting"!

- Matt


"This sauce is amazing""Nothing like it on the market"!

- Brad M. 


"I love this sauce"

- Hanna Kennedy


"Hands down, best hot sauce I've ever had". "Doesn't take away from the flavor at all". "My food tastes better with The Horn Hot Sauce"!

- Sheila Campbell

"Okay y'all, this is rated 10/10!!! The flavor is so rich, its's gluten free, vegan/non GMO/real food ingredients".

- Sarah Gillette

"Tastes like a hug from the sun-scorched earth dropped into a mortar and pestle, then blended with love. The flavor is new yet familiar, soulful with notes that romance your palette".