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Our Story

Creating this one-of-a-kind hot sauce from fresh berbere and mitmita spices native to my paternal Ethiopian homeland wasn’t enough. I knew from a young age I wanted to partner with my family in Ethiopia who work in import and export, but I was never sure what form the business would take.

My whole life I was wondering how I could incorporate my family’s and my dad’s legacy in something I’m doing here in America. In establishing The Horn Hot Sauce, I found a chance to become my own boss and expose the world to Ethiopian cuisine, while also honoring my family’s  ties to the country. The story of The Horn is inseparable from the Bezabeh family history, and in many ways its origins predate my birth by two generations.

Despite my success in athletics and academics, I felt unfulfilled until, at age 20, I saved up money and took a semester off school to visit my family in Ethiopia. The experience of living with my aunt changed my life.

My life took a complete 180. I realized there was so much more to life than the daily hussle. I knew I had to be connected in a deeper fashion. Although I had always eaten Ethiopian food in America, it wasn’t until I tasted my aunt’s cooking that I realized the full potential of the food. The freshness of my aunt’s mitmita and berbere spices amazed me. I knew immediately that I wanted to start a business with my family in Ethiopia as a means to honor my father, and to grow closer with my relatives. 

I had an idea for a hot sauce, made from my aunt’s family recipe and sourced with fresh ingredients directly from my family in Ethiopia & created The Horn Hot Sauce. 
Although The Horn Hot Sauce might be the only commercially available hot sauce to incorporate fresh berbere and mitmita spices native to Ethiopia, it is in no way a typical, gimmicky sauce. While many hot sauces overpower foods with obscene heat, The Horn is designed to complement food. The hot sauce can add flavor to everything from meat and egg dishes to vegetarian dishes. The Horn is all natural, chemical free, and made with ingredients handpicked by my family. The freshness of the ingredients means that my sauce is the closest to authentic Ethiopian spice that you can find in America. So get out there and TASTE THE HORN!
Suemur Bezabeh